Despite some recent progress, the achievement levels on national testing programs of our Indigenous children require urgent attention.

Year 3

In all assessed areas of NAPLAN and for most States and Territories the mean score for Indigenous students is only at the 20th percentile score for non-Indigenous students.
(NAPLAN report, 2013, p 63)

Year 5

Only 65.8% of Indigenous students across Australia are at or above the minimum standard for persuasive writing compared to 93.3% of non-Indigenous.
(NAPLAN report, 2013, p 127)

Year 7

In NSW the mean scores for Indigenous students are between 58 and 73 points below the mean scores for non-Indigenous students
(NAPLAN report, 2013, p 63)

Year 9

By Year 9 the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students ranges from 57 scale points in spelling, to 88 scale points in persuasive writing.
(NAPLAN report, 2013, p 225)