Respect & Recognition

Darkinjung Barker, Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and Barker College acknowledge that Darkinjung Barker operates and functions on the lands of the Darkinjung people.

Ngarralingayil Barker, Kiray Putjung Aboriginal Corporation (KPAC) and Barker College acknowledge that Ngarralingayil Barker operates and functions on the lands of the Wonnarua people.

We pay our respect to these lands that provide for us. We acknowledge and pay respect to the ancestors that walked and managed these lands for many generations before us.

We acknowledge and recognise all Aboriginal people who have come from their own country and who have now come to call this country their home. We acknowledge our elders who are our knowledge holders, teachers and pioneers.

We acknowledge our youth who are our hope for a brighter and stronger future and who will be our future leaders.

We acknowledge and pay our respect to our members who have gone before us and recognise their contribution to our people and community.


Phillip Heath AM
Head of Barker College

Darkinjung Barker and Ngarralingayil Barker are exciting milestones in Barker’s long history. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with Aboriginal communities in a respectful spirit of mutual support and reconciliation. Our aim is to provide a framework for young people to experience the best that the future offers – more than that, to become people who shape this future under God’s good care and strength.

Jamie Shackleton
Director of Aboriginal Campuses

The opening of Ngarralingayil Barker in 2020 furthers Barker’s vision to build lasting relationships with Indigenous communities, to work together to provide culturally appropriate education for First Nations students, and to bridge the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Martin Lubrano
Head of Barker College Junior School

Darkinjung Barker and Ngarralingayil Barker are communities where cultural sensitivity and pastoral care occupies a prominent place, one in which the building of relationships and connections is a priority. Barker College has developed a reputation for supporting each student in a personal and caring way and this will be a priority at both schools.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to save the world.”

— Nelson Mandela
Darkinjung Barker and Ngarralingayil Barker operate thanks to the generous support of its financial supporters and the Barker College community.
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